A Guide to Car Rental Puerto Plata

If you’re planning a visit to Puerto Plata, car rental is a great way to help you explore more and fill your vacation full of wonderful memories. Across the island, there are beautiful beaches, tropical regions, golf courses and so much more and getting around by car gives you the freedom to manage your own schedule. That is why we have put together this article on some of Puerto Plata car rentals, as well as top tips to think about when searching for car rental deals.

Our Top 3 Puerto Plata Car Rentals

A Guide to Car Rental Puerto Plata

There is a huge range of car rental deals available to travelers visiting Puerto Plata and the rest of the Dominican Republic. However, we believe these three companies stand out as providing a good range, great service and low prices.


Europcar Car Rental Puerto Plata
Image by Martin Lewison via Flickr

Europcar is one of the leading car rental companies around and they provide visitors arriving in Puerto Plata with a good range of car options. You can also find Europcar at most major locations around the Dominican Republic.

No matter whether you want a simple, compact car for some short trips around the island or a big family car for a longer vacation, this car rental company has great offers and you can expect prices to start from approx $45-$55 per day.


Alamo Car Rental Puerto Plata
Image by Atomic Taco from Seattle, WA, USA via Wikimedia

Alamo is seen by many as an economy car rental company, focusing on cost-effective prices and great customer service over luxury car rental or variety. They still offer a good choice and offer everything you’d expect when renting a car in Puerto Plata.

With vehicles ranging from mini sizes through to pickups, prices start from approx $45 per day and they have a help desk at airports local to Puerto Plata.


National Car Rental Puerto Plata
Image by AutoRentals.com Corporation via Flickr

National has a great range of rental cars including higher-end luxury cars and vans. With easy-to-access locations, you can choose from a range of Puerto Plata pick up and collect options, as well as other features including additional drivers and online car reservation.

The majority of cars here are automatics but manual transmission cars are available. Prices start from approximately $65-$75 per day depending on the car type.

Other Car Rental Companies You Can Choose

Alongside the top three mentioned above, Puerto Plata is much like the rest of the Dominican Republic in that there are a range of small and large companies that can help you rent a car. Some of the brands include:

  • Ace
  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Goldcar

When searching for car rental Puerto Plata, always remember to have some key details ready. These include the dates you wish to rent a car, the type of car you need and any specific requirements you may have including additional drivers, child seats, on or off airport location, pick up and drop off requirements etc.

Just like all rental car situations, make sure to check all parts of the car before and after using it to confirm if there are any marks or damage.

Top Tips When Renting a Car in Puerto Plata

It’s a smart idea to avoid rushing into making a decision about car rental. Instead, you should take your time to explore all of the options and understand any potential risks. We’ve put together these five top tips to help make this process a little easier and a little safer.

Top Tip 1: Shop Around

Top Tip 1: Shop Around

One of the benefits of car rental is that it is a very competitive market, with both local and international companies offering options. This means there are special offers, for example when you rent a car online as well as a range of different cars and additional features. A great way to explore this is to look at comparison sites and the individual websites for each company.

When it comes to prices, don’t just look at the headline figure that you see advertised. You need to make sure you read about any additional fees that you must pay and others that you may need to pay for. This can sometimes end up add as much as double the amount to the total price.

Top Tip 2: Check the T&Cs

Top Tip 2: Check the T&Cs

Always check the terms and conditions for any kind of travel service and this includes car rental. Make sure when ordering a car online that if you need insurance purchased online, there is a minimum age, the type of rented car they will offer you etc.

Cheap car rentals are widely available at Puerto Plata airport and in the surrounding area so make sure you know where the rental car center is for your specific brand, as well as airport rentals in general and you have read your pick up service policies.

Top Tip 3: Understand the traffic laws

Top Tip 3: Understand the traffic laws

If you are new to the Dominican Republic, you may be surprised by the approach to driving here. It can often be the case that regulations for the roads are seen as considerations rather than actual rules and there are a lot of motorcycles on the roads. A great approach to take is to drive defensively and take your time to ensure a safe drive. This allows you to enjoy the journey and get to your destination safely.

For those wanting a bigger family car or truck then our recommendation is to only do this if you’ve experience of driving this size of car in your own country.

Top Tip 4: Make sure you can collect from a good location

Top Tip 4: Make sure you can collect from Punta Cana International Airport

Whether this is a city center, airport or off airport location, make sure you know where you can both collect and drop off your car. For most people, the best option is to go for a car rental company that allows you to drop off, pick up etc at the airport as it makes for a quicker transition. Most car rentals have a customer service desk at the airport.

If you want to leave the car at another airport or region, as part of a tour of the island then make sure to ask the company what options there are before you book your service.

Top Tip 5: Check the entire car rental price

Top Tip 5: Check the entire car rental price

Take the time to check all prices, additional fees and taxes involved in any hire car. There are some ways you can save money, such as picking an off airport budget location or taking advantage of a free pick up service. Some of the additional fees that can sometimes be hidden include costs for insurance, additional drivers etc.

Most car rental companies in Punta Cana make it clear on their website what the car rental rates are but it doesn’t hurt to double check so don’t immediately go for the cheapest rental cars.


Start exploring car rental options today so you can look forward to an amazing holiday in Puerto Plata and across the Dominican Republic. By giving you access to easy travel, you can discover those hidden gems and fill more in to your days. We hope this article has helped you start to explore car rental companies and some top tips that make choosing a rental car a safer and more cost-effective experience.

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