The Top Dominican Republic Christmas Food

If you have the chance to spend part of the magical Christmas season in the Dominican Republic then you can be sure to discover a wonderful world of flavor and warmth. This article will take a look at what a traditional Christmas meal looks like and those mush-have dishes including Puerco Asado, the essential Moro de Guandules, and the beloved sweets and snacks that bring families together during the holidays. So grab a scarf, gather around your Christmas trees and join us on the festive exploration of Dominican Republic Christmas traditions.

Key Takeaways

  • The Christmas season in the Dominican Republic is all about family and this is reflected in the most popular and traditional meals such as Puerco Asado and Moro de Guandules. The true embodiment of festive spirit and culture.
  • Christmas dinner would not be complete without some traditional desserts and rich drinks like Dulce de coco, and Ponche Crema de Ron. Enjoyed throughout the festive season, make sure you don’t miss out.
  • For vegetarians and vegans, Dominican Republic Christmas food includes some fabulous dishes such as Lasagna de Berenjenas and vegan-friendly Ensalada de Coditos.

Dominican Christmas Feast: The Essentials

Traditional Dominican Republic Christmas Food Feast
Image by Smarter Home Cooking

As households across the Dominican Republic edge closer to the festive season, the anticipation builds for a delicious feast that brings together rich flavors, heritage and culture. The traditional Christmas Eve dinner is often a grand celebration where families and friends come together to indulge in a multitude of dishes. Often at the heart of these loaded dining tables are dishes like roast pork, moro de guandules, and Ensalada Rusa, not to mention the delightful snacks such as yuca-based pasteles and Pastelón de plátano maduro casseroles. Steeped in tradition, these are just some of the dishes that reflect the spirit of Nochebuena.

Puerco Asado: A Dominican Christmas Tradition

Dominican Republic Christmas Food—Puerco Asado, a roast pork dish with a distinctive aroma
Image by Jos1950 via Wikimedia Commons

When you enter a home in the Dominican Republic at Christmas time, you will likely smell Puerco Asado. This roast pork dish with its distinctive aroma is not just a main part of the meal, it is the centrepiece that everything revolves around. Puerco en Puya is a tradition of slowly roasting a pig on an open flame, ensuring skin crisps and juices flow with every bite. A truly cherished tradition that symbolizes community and festivity and will continue to do so for generations to come.

The result of this labor of love is quite possibly the most succulent pork roast and crispy skin you will have ever tasted.

Moro de Guandules: A Rich Rice Dish

Photo Credit: Instituto Cervantes de Tokio
Moro de Guandules, a rice dish bursting with flavor
Image by Instituto Cervantes de Tokio via Wikimedia Commons

If you’re looking for a side dish that is typically served alongside Puerco Asado then look no further than Moro de Guandules. A rice dish bursting with flavor, it is made with rice and peas and is particularly popular during the Christmas season, particularly Christmas Eve. The refreshing peas and fluffy rice mix with the succulent pork roast.

Moro de Guandules yet again manages to blend tradition with perfection and it has become a must-have on any table in the Dominican Republic over the Christmas period.

Ensalada Rusa: A Festive Potato Salad

Dominican Republic Christmas Food—Ensalada Rusa, a potato salad that mixes potato, egg and mayonnaise, often with a blend of spices unique to each family
Image by Aleat88 via Wikimedia Commons

Another side dish that makes an appearance at every Christmas dinner is Ensalada Rusa. A potato salad that mixes potato, egg and mayonnaise, often with a blend of spices unique to each family you will find this dish served chilled so that it contrasts nicely with the hearty, warm flavors of the main dishes.

This traditional Dominican dish adds a bit of color and creamy texture to the festive table, making you go back for more every time.

Dominican Christmas Desserts and Drinks

Dominican Republic Christmas Food—Dominican Christmas Desserts and Drinks
Image by The Editors via

If you’ve made it through the main courses and still have some room left for dessert and drinks then you are in for a treat. Almost like Christmas decorations, the desserts and drinks will steal the spotlight and help you continue the celebrations. From the creamy decadence of Dulce de Coco to the smooth custard of Flan, there’s a dessert to satisfy every sweet tooth. To accompany your meal and further into the evening, some traditional drinks include:

  • Ponche Crema de Ron
  • Té de jengibre
  • Licor de mandarina
  • Gaviao navideño

These drinks, among others, are an integral part of Dominican Republic Christmas traditions, whether on Christmas Eve or across the festive period. The nation has also embraced the traditional food of other nations including Spanish turrón.

Ponche Crema de Ron: The Classic Christmas Eve Drink

Ponche Crema de Ron, a Dominican version of eggnog
Image by David Armano via Flickr

The champion of Christmas drinks in the Dominican Republic, Ponche Crema de Ron is a rich, creamy and delicious experience. A Dominican version of eggnog, created with milk, sugar and whipped eggs and then infused with cinnamon and nutmeg. Let’s not forget a helping of rum to warm you up while you celebrate Christmas with friends and family.

If ever there was a drink that represented more than just a drink but the holiday itself, this Christmas tradition will warm your heart and soul.

Dominican Christmas Sweets

Coquitos topped with chocolate
Image by Mercedes via Flickr

You simply cannot think of a Dominican Christmas Eve dinner without sweet treats like Turrones and Coquitos. These traditional sweets are a mix of honest, egg white, almonds and sugar. Turron, in particular, has a chewy, nutty flavor that can really cap off a delicious meal. For a more tropical sweet treat, look no further than Dulce de Coco, a coconut-flavored delight that everyone loves.

Dominican Christmas Snacks: A Unique Experience

A Dominican Christmas is a selection of unique snacks
Image by Wilfredor via Wikimedia Commons

Put alongside all of the delicious main meals, desserts and drinks at a Dominican Christmas is a selection of unique snacks. At pretty much every party you will see the bite-sized pastelitos and quipes. As a vegan alternative, you can get vegan pastelitos that have a ground tempeh filling. These tantalizing treats are the perfect way to start the evening before the main meals arrive for nochebuena.

Throw in some traditional pasteles en hoja and you’ve got an array of snacks for the festive lead-up to Christmas Day and beyond. Each bite is a reminder of the culture, flavors and ingredients of this amazing country.

Pastelitos and Quipes: Bite-Sized Treats

Pastelitos, mini-sized empanadas
Image by Julio Sifontes via Wikimedia Commons

Starting with pastelitos, these treats are incredibly popular and part of the reason is because of the variety available. These mini-sized empanadas are made with buttery, flaky pastry and can be filled with chicken, beef or chicken.

Quipes are an interesting addition to the Christmas snacks in that they are a Dominican Republic version of traditional Lebanese kibbeh. They combine minced beef and bulgur wheat to great effect and are now a full part of classic Dominican Republic Christmas traditions.

Telera Bread: A Seasonal Specialty

Telera Bread, a long, soft type of bread
Image by François Mie-Croute via Wikimedia Commons

Telera bread is a true Dominican speciality that represents Christmas. It is a long, soft type of bread that is often oval-shaped with marks carved into it. The Dominican Republic has a wealth of traditional baked goods but this one stands out above the rest for its representation of the Christmas spirit.

It is said that the marks on the bread are a nod to the birth of Jesus, adding greater significance to this already special treat.

Dominican Christmas Traditions

It is important to reflect on other festive customs and how they connect with food.

A huge part of Christmas in the Dominican Republic is all about the food but it is important to reflect on other festive customs and how they connect with food. The Christmas season is a time to celebrate culinary diversity, family traditions and the nation’s culture. The El Angelito gift exchange is an example of this community spirit that combines tradition with food and family.

As families and friends come together to unite on Christmas Eve and other occasions they share food and memories and create moments of joy that we can all relate to.

Nochebuena: The Family Gathering

Nochebuena, the term for Christmas Eve in Spanish-speaking countries

Nochebuena, the term for Christmas Eve in Spanish-speaking countries is the focal point of festive season celebrations. It is an event where families and friends come together under the Christmas lights or around Christmas trees to enjoy perhaps the most eagerly anticipated meal of the year. Traditional dishes like Moro de Guandules and pastelitos take center stage, each bites a celebration of family customs and the country’s rich traditions.

The night is one of pure excitement and joy, filled with gift-giving and anticipation among children of the arrival of Santa Claus. Nochabuena is the best example of the Dominican Republic’s perfect marriage between food, family and tradition.

Aguinaldos and Parrandas Navideñas: Music and Food

These festivals bring together the wider community to eat, drink dance and set off fireworks all in the name of Christmas spirit.
Image by GN1946 via Wikimedia Commons

Aguinaldos caroling involves groups of family and friends getting together to sing and play traditional musical instruments. This activity marks the start of Parrandas Navideñas, the incredible street festivals that no one should miss. These festivals bring together the wider community to eat, drink dance and set off fireworks all in the name of Christmas spirit.

This is yet another example of an event during the festive period that combines music, food and friendship to truly celebrate the Dominican festive season and the Dominican Republic as a nation.

Vegetarian and Vegan Christmas Dinner

Vegetarian and vegan options for Christmas dinner that are available in the Dominican Republic
Image by Lunart7 via Wikimedia Commons

Another representation of the Christmas spirit is the vegetarian and vegan options for Christmas dinner that are available in the Dominican Republic. Dishes like Lasagna de Berenjenas offer a modern classic that caters to those avoiding meat, while a plant-based twist on traditional salads like Ensalada de Coditos allows for a diverse and accommodating menu.

Among other options you can enjoy during the festive period include a vegan eggnog made with pumpkin. So no matter where you’re visiting this Christmas, talk to the waiters about your dietary requirements and you can all enjoy a wonderful Dominican Christmas.

Lasagna de Berenjenas: A Vegetarian Modern Classic

Lasagna de Berenjenas uses roasted eggplant slices to replace traditional lasagna noodles.
Image by EvaSan via Flickr

Lasagna de Berenjenas is a vegetarian holiday option, using roasted eggplant slices to replace traditional lasagna noodles. This gluten-free alternative can be made vegan-friendly as another sign of inclusivity and love at Christmas.

With multiple layers of rich tomato sauce and creamy cheeses or plant-based alternatives, you will discover a dish that offers indulgence, comfort and joy. This dish is topped with a cheese crust that again can be swapped for a vegan-friendly option. This meal is a testament to the versatility of Dominican cuisine, proving that traditional Christmas meals can evolve to meet the tastes and needs of every family member.

Ensalada de Coditos: A Plant-Based Twist

Ensalada de Coditos substitutes tuna with a plant-based alternative and then adding a vegan mayo.
Image by Jerry Pank via Cookipedia

Ensalada de Coditos, is a traditional pasta salad that would normally involve tuna and mayonnaise. However, this popular dish has been adapted for vegan guests around the dinner table, substituting tuna with a plant-based alternative and then adding a vegan mayo. It is then enriched with a mixture of vegetables including bell peppers, onions, and carrots. This version of Ensalada de Coditos is a vibrant addition to the Christmas feast.

Serving this dish is a celebration of the Dominican Republic’s willingness to embrace new culinary trends while honoring the festive traditions that make the traditional Christmas meal so special.


The Dominican Republic offers an array of Christmas culinary traditions that you will struggle to match elsewhere. From the succulent Puerco Asado to the sweet indulgence of Turrones and Coquitos there is something for everyone over the festive period as friends and family gather to celebrate. As everything builds towards Nochebuena, don’t forget some wonderful vegetarian and vegan alternatives so that all people around the table are part of the experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the traditional Christmas drinks in Dominican Republic?

Some of the traditional drinks at Christmas time in the Dominican Republic include ponche crema, té de jengibre, and ponche de chocolate. It doesn’t end there though so make sure to explore the menu and try them all.

How does the Dominican Republic celebrate Christmas?

In the Dominican Republic, Christmas Eve is often seen as the most special day. It is this event where families gather for a huge feast, sing songs and celebrate the spirit of Christmas. Additionally, they hold Christmas parties called parrandas navidenas that bring families and neighbors together with music and dancing.

What is the main dish people eat on Christmas Eve?

The number one dish that Dominican Republic families eat during Noche Buena is Puerco Asado. A roast pork dish that takes centre place on the table, packed full of flavor.

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