Car Rental Dominican Republic: Everything You Need to Know

Visiting the Dominican Republic means exploring a beautiful, diverse and action-packed country. You can relax by the pool, go on sightseeing tours, visit festivals and explore the countryside. No matter the reason for your visit, Dominican Republic car rental is a great way to have more freedom and decide how you want to make the most of your time. As a result, we’ve put together a summary of the top rental car companies in the Dominican Republic, so you can start to explore the best car rental deals for your trip.

Our Top 3 Car Rental Companies

Car Rental Dominican Republic: Everything You Need to Know

Each person or group will have their own set of requirements for a car rental company. This includes the type of car, location, pick-up and drop-off options and budget. If you like the look of any of these rental car companies then check out their websites for special offers, price lists and key terms and conditions.


Europcar Car Rental Dominican Republic
Image by Martin Lewison via Flickr

One of the leading car rental companies with many car rental locations spread around the Dominican Republic including at most popular cities and airport locations. Europcar’s Dominican Republic car rentals are a safe bet for almost any itinerary.

If you need a compact car for some short trips around the island or a family car to take everyone to the beach then Europcar in the Dominican Republic has some great offers starting at approximately $45-$55 per day.


Alamo Car Rental Dominican Republic
Image by Atomic Taco from Seattle, WA, USA via Wikimedia

One of the other main car rental brands in the Dominican Republic is Alamo, who offer a great range of cheap rental cars and offers. They are known for cost-effective car rental and positive customer service experiences so add them to your shortlist for the perfect rental car.

Alamo has a range of vehicles from mini and economy cars to full-sized cars and pickups depending on your specific requirements. Make sure to note any additional costs such as young driver surcharge or extra drivers but prices can start from approx $45-$55 per day.


National Car Rental Dominican Republic
Image by Corporation via Flickr

National is a well-known brand across the region and they normally have an impressive selection of rental cars available, including luxury options and vans. With a range of locations including Punta Cana, you can choose a variety of collection and drop-off locations.

While the majority of cars available come as automatics, you can get manual transmission cars too but make sure to check the rules on minimum age. Prices for National start from approximately $65-$75 per day depending on the car type.

Other Dominican Republic Car Rentals

Away from the top 3 listed above, the Dominican Republic has a wide range of car rental companies and car rental locations. This variety and competition means you can get some great car rental prices if you shop around. Here are some other brands to look out for in the Dominican Republic:

  • Ace
  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Goldcar

When you’re ready to do some research and shortlist car rental deals, make sure you have a clear picture of when you will be traveling, how long you will need the car for, the type of car you want and any other specific requirements. For example, if you will need to get a child seat for the car, have additional drivers or want to find budget locations. Also build into your budget gas prices.

When you collect your car, make sure to check it carefully to confirm if any existing marks or damage so that you don’t get caught out when you return it.

Top Tips When Choosing Car Rental Deals

We’ve put together some top tips to help make your car rental journey smoother! There are some really simple ways to help ensure you find the best price, know exactly what you’re getting and get to enjoy your trip to the beautiful country of the Dominican Republic.

Top Tip 1: Shop Around

Top Tip 1: Shop Around

Never settle for the first offer you see! The rental car market is very competitive in the Dominican Republic, no matter if you’re visiting Punta Cana, Santo Domingo or traveling across the country. Each company offers a range of cars, features and special offers throughout the year so make sure to check their websites and take advantage of the comparison websites.

An extra top is to make sure you look at the full price and not just the advertised price. There can be additional fees that are included as you go through the rental car booking process. These additional fees can sometimes end up doubling the reservation price.

Top Tip 2: Check the T&Cs

Top Tip 2: Check the T&Cs

It is very important to check the terms and conditions when you book a rental car in the Dominican Republic. This includes checking all of the key information that you get as part of your booking including collection and pick-up location, times, mileage, insurance requirements etc. A rental car company often adds on additional fees or has a list of fees should something like an accident happen so it’s vital you are aware of all eventualities.

Cheap car rentals are widely available across the Dominican Republic so make sure you know where the rental car center is for your specific brand, as well as airport rentals in general.

Top Tip 3: Understand the traffic laws

Top Tip 3: Understand the traffic laws

If you’ve never driven in the Dominican Republic before then you will be in for a surprise! For many, it can be a challenging experience at first as you get used to their approach to road regulations and the number of motorcycles that are used by locals each day. The top piece of advice we have is to try to drive defensively and focus on safety so that you can travel and explore all of the wonderful locations in this part of the Dominican Republic.

If you’re thinking about renting a larger vehicle then just make sure you are confident driving one and that you are aware of the size when traveling around the country. It is a great idea to only rent a car that you have experience driving in your home town or city.

Top Tip 4: Make sure you check car rental locations

Top Tip 4: Make sure you can collect from Punta Cana International Airport

For the majority of people, the best option is to find a rent-a-car service that lets you pick up and drop off at the airport. Failing that, try to find one that has a car shuttle or free pick-up service to take you to the car rental location.

If you want to go on a tour of the Dominican Republic and leave your car at a different location to where you picked it up then the majority of the big brands will be able to offer this but always check in advance so that it meets your criteria.

Top Tip 5: Check the full car rental company price including all add-ons

Top Tip 5: Check the entire car rental price

We are often drawn to those headline prices or special offers for the cheapest rental cars but you should never act on those alone. In the Dominican Republic, like any other car rental locations around the world, the final car rental rates for car rentals can include a range of insurance fees, and additional prices such as extra drivers and you can quickly end up paying twice the cost.

The vast majority of companies will make it clear on their website of the extra fees that get added as you move through the sales process but if in doubt, speak to their customer service team.


There is no doubt that car rentals are a fantastic way of exploring the Dominican Republic, no matter what kind of holiday you’re after. It can help you do more activities, find beautiful and secluded beaches or experience the different cultures and regions. We hope this article has helped you start to explore car rental companies and some top tips that make choosing a rental car a safer and more cost-effective experience.

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