Our Guide to Car Rental in Santo Domingo

There are plenty of ways to explore the beautiful country of the Dominican Republic and one of the best ways is to rent a car. Maybe you want to explore some hidden gems, stay in a different region for a few days or just make it easier to access tours and activities then car rental in Santo Domingo is a great choice. Here is a summary of what to look out for, if you’ve recently been searching for car rental Santo Domingo.

Top 3 Car Rental: Santo Domingo

Our Guide to Car Rental in Santo Domingo

Each person has their own requirements for car rental deals including prices, location and duration. As a result, there is a good selection of car rental companies out there for people to choose from and it pays to shop around. Here are the top 3 companies providing car rentals in Santo Domingo.


Europcar Car Rental Santo Domingo
Image by Martin Lewison via Flickr

Europcar can be found across the globe and this puts them in a position to offer a strong service for people flying into the Dominican Republic and want to drive around Santo Domingo. If you want a car in Santo Domingo then you can’t go too far wrong with these.

Rental car companies will generally have a range of cars to choose from and Santo Domingo car rental is no different with a range of compact and minis, up to larger SUVs and family vehicles. You can expect to pay anywhere from $50 or more per day depending on location, time of year and car type.


Alamo Car Rental Santo Domingo
Image by Atomic Taco from Seattle, WA, USA via Wikimedia

Another big brand in North and South America car rental, Alamo has a range of car rental locations including Santo Domingo and its airport location is an added bonus. Often seen as a cost-effective solution you can get a great rental car price for this company.

Alamo has a range of vehicles from mini and economy cars to full-sized cars and pickups depending on your individual requirements. Prices start from approx $45-$55 per day.


National Car Rental Santo Domingo
Image by AutoRentals.com Corporation via Flickr

If you’re looking for other rental car company options then National is another brand with a strong reputation. Often stocking a wide range of cars including higher-end luxury cars and vans, you can select the desired rental time, on or off-airport location and more.

The majority of cars here are automatics but manual transmission cars are available. Prices start from approximately $65-$75 per day depending on the car type.

Other Car Rental Companies You Can Choose

It always pays to do some research including price and location searching to make sure you understand the different rental car company offers. Each one has its own pick up service policies, a rental counter at airports and luxury and economy car rental options. Some of these car rental companies include:

  • Ace
  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Goldcar

As you do your research for car rental Santo Domingo, always check that prices include all taxes and fees. It may be that you will need to pay an additional fee for more than 1 driver, or perhaps have a child set and you don’t want any nasty surprises when you arrive. Car rental can be difficult at times because of the terms and conditions.

When you collect your car, make sure to check it carefully to confirm if any existing marks or damage so that you don’t get caught out when you return it.

Top Tips When Choosing a Car Rental Company

When choosing a car rental company, it is really important to find not only the best deal but the option that meets all of your requirements. Equally, you need to understand the rules of the road in the country you’re visiting. Here are some top tips to think about when renting a car in Santo Domingo.

Top Tip 1: Shop Around

Top Tip 1: Shop Around

The car rental market is a highly competitive place, with a wide range of companies offering different options and benefits. These can include a pick-up service, a discount code, allowable pick-up distance and various car types. As a result, make sure to take the time to shop around and compare, using company websites and comparison sites. You can then refine search criteria and choose the right one for you.

Never just look at the advertised price as there could be terms and conditions or additional fees. For example, there may be a minimum length of rental or minimum age that affects pricing. Equally, there may be coupon codes that help bring down the cost.

Top Tip 2: Check the T&Cs

Top Tip 2: Check the T&Cs

Always check the terms and conditions when signing up for any product or service and renting a car in Santo Domingo is no different. Make sure you know if they accept an international driving permit, if others can drive the car, mileage etc. Also take note of where their counter and drop-off are, for example, it may be at the intl de las Americas airport or at nearby locations that you must travel to as part of their off-airport budget location.

Cheap car rentals in Santo Domingo are widely available so make sure you know all you need to know before paying for your car and before you travel to the country.

Top Tip 3: Understand the traffic laws

Top Tip 3: Understand the traffic laws

It can be a challenge for people driving abroad for the first time and Santo Domingo car rental is no different. It can often be the case that regulations for the roads are seen as considerations rather than actual rules and there are a lot of motorcycles used throughout the country. The best piece of advice we can give is to drive defensively, focus on safety and not speed as well as keep the rental car location phone number listed somewhere you can access.

If you’re aiming for truck rentals or larger vehicles, just be aware of the size of the vehicle and it’s a good idea to have experience driving the same vehicle before you get a car rental in Santo Domingo.

Top Tip 4: Make sure you can collect from a suitable location

Top Tip 4: Make sure you can collect from Punta Cana International Airport

For most people, the best collection point for their rental car is an airport location but you can sometimes find an off airport budget location for cheaper car rental rates. Some Santo Domingo car rental brands also offer a car shuttle service or free pick-up service to help make the process easier. When arriving, try to find the customer service desk and they will often be able to help with all your car rental needs on arrival.

If you’re departing from a different region or city, or wish to leave the car along your route then many of the Santo Domingo car rental services will be able to accommodate this.

Top Tip 5: Check the entire car rental price

Top Tip 5: Check the entire car rental price

We’ve already mentioned this but it pays to check the entire price for rental cars before signing up for anything. In Santo Domingo, like most other regions and countries the car rental fees will off include certain insurance fees or taxes but can sometimes exclude other features that they want you to pay as an extra. This can very quickly drive up the cost so the cheapest rental cars are not always the ones advertised. When you get your reservation confirmation, check you received all of the features you expected.


If you find the perfect rental car, you’re giving yourself an incredible way to explore the region and the wider Dominican Republic. It enables you, your friends and family to meet more people, experience other activities and really embrace your trip to this wonderful country. We hope this article has helped you start to explore car rental companies and some top tips that make choosing a rental car a safer and more cost-effective experience.

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