Dominican Republic Student Visa

Student visas are issued for those who wish to study in the Dominican Republic and are already accepted by the Dominican Republic educational institution. The visa is is available for 1 year, with renewable annually up to 6 years. Below are the requirements to apply:

  • Visa Form: A complete visa form either typed or printed.
  • Passport Photo: Front facing photo sized 2 x 2 inches, with a white background.
  • Passport: Applicant’s passport must be submitted and must be valid for at least the duration of the requested visa or longer.
  • Acceptance Letter:  Obtained from the University or Center of Studies. This letter should specify the level of studies, chosen institution, and program duration.
  • Financial Support Documentation: If applicable, provide a document showing proof of scholarship or financial support from an institution or scholarship. This document must be on official letterhead, certified, and specify the amount and duration of financial support.
  • Medical Certificate: Present medical certificate obtained from the applicant’s country to ensure that they are free from any infectious or contagious disease.
  • Criminal Record Certificate (not required for minors): Obtain a criminal record certificate from appropriate authorities in your country.
  • Parental Permission (required for minors): If the applicant is a minor or not accompanied by both parents, parental permission is required
  • National Identity Document: Legible photocopy of applicant’s national identity document or residence card if residing in another country.
  • Financial Solvency Documents: Applicant must demonstrate financial solvency, such as bank letters, employment letters, or property titles.
  • Former Dominican Visas or Residence Card: If applicable, submit a legible photocopy of former Dominican visas or residence cards for renewal purposes.
  • Visa Application Letter: The visa application must be written by the applicant and sent to the Consular Section, containing applicant’s name, nationality, place of residence, and occupation.

Note: All the written documents must be translated to Spanish

Duration and Fee

Dominican Republic student visa processing timeline is between 10 to 15 days, depending on the date of travel, staff availability, and holidays. The cost for applying the visa varies from country to country depending on the applicant’s nationality and processing fee. Make sure to contact your embassy for more information.

How To Enter The Country

After obtaining the visa, you need an e-ticket if you want to enter the Dominican Republic through air transport as indicated by the new government law on 1st of April, 2021. This measure was put to streamline the immigration and customs process, reduces the risk of errors compared to handwritten paper forms, and to better keep track of the travelers for security purposes. Kindly checkout the information on the online DR electronic ticket immigration form and apply one if you’re ready.